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Bespoke Picture Framing
Many colours to choose from same style of Moulding
Bespoke - Custom Picture Frames & Mounted Displays
The Lil' Picture Place can frame-up and mount any particular piece of work whether it be a painting, photo or even create deep-set box frames for 3D object displays.
The picture frames are cut from whats known as lengnths of 'Moulding'. - There are many different types of colours, texturtes and style of Moulding to choose from.

We have a great selection of sample pieces that one can hold and see for themselves.

With this vast array of variations, one can become boggled when it comes to choosing your moulding but the Lil' Picture Place has specifically chosen a number of types of more popular and classic, moulding that we have ready to cut.
There's traditional and contempory mouldings to suit.
If we don't already have it in stock, it only takes one working day
for us to source the desired amount of your particular
moulding of choice.
Free Delivery and Drop off for all artwork and frames.
We also provide a free pick-up and delivery service for anyone who wants
framing done for their given piece or pieces. Within the Manchester area.
All artwork or anything you want framed for that matter will be treated with
the greatest of care, protected and safely sealed whilst in transit!
Custom-cut Mounts for your Framed Picture Piece
Bearing in mind that when it comes to framing up a fantastic photo or piece of art you can't beat a good-old bit of
'Mount board'.

Mount-board comes in all different shades, textures and thickness and can provide a visual difference in really making your image stand out and look simply grand!

There are numerous combinations and types of cuts that can be achieved with different thickness, textures and colour-combos of not only the surface of the card but also the inner 'core'.

The Lil' Picture Place has a good cross section of mount-board
to choose from.
Many styles and colours to match your requirements whether it be minimal singular 'window', multiple window holes or more elaborate shape-cut sections, even lettering shaped cut mounts.
Guidance and good assistance in choosing your mount is always available.
Three levels of Framing Standards Provided.
Three Levels of Standards Offered for Framing to Suit.
There are actually five levels of Framing Standards as determined by the Fine Art Trade Guild.
We have however whittled them down to three.
As to simplify the options but not compromise the final result. Having knowledge of the five standards alone indicates the awareness of the framer of whom can apply the craftsmanship and skills needed to meet those standards and to subsequently use those determined values to provide correctly framed artwork for any given frame request.
Our three levels of Framing standards are described below.

Exhibition / Gallery Standard:
Top grade framing that meets Art Trade Guild Standards. Visually enhances focal work. Full protection from microscopic airborne particles and safeguard from acids generated by framing materials. Up to 35+ years protection ensured.

Home / Domestic & Commercial Display Standard:
Visually enhances photograph or artwork and provides a high level of protection from physical and mechanical damage. Up to 20+ years preservation under normal conditions.

Value / Budget Standards:
Providing an acceptable frame for the minimum cost. Offers some degree of protection but no pretense is made for safeguarding it's appearance long term. Great for Poster Reproductions, home and office wall deco-displays.
Mounted Display & Print Options
Deluxe Large ‘Box-frame’ - £34.95
Details: Large - 20” x 20”  - (508mm x 508mm)
100% Cotton - Heavyweight - 330gsm Deluxe Canvas
Mounted On Robust Chunky - 2.5cm Squared Box Frame

Substrate: Pure White 100% Cotton Canvas.
Exceedingly High Quality - Heavy Weight - 330gsm

Box-frame: Strong 25mm squared Stretcher bars sourced from
environmentally sustained forests.

The bold, 3 centimetre thick, chunky goodness of the stretcher-bar further enhances the given graphic, artwork or photograph and certainly makes a very robust mounted print. The Print is then usually coated with a gloss or stain varnish for further protection.

Far more superior than your cheap (and pretty naff) 1.8cm frames that are being used by framers offering similar mounted canvas displays these days.

UV Light Resistant - Fade-free Inks. Up to 108 years (apparently).

Please Note:
Typically, the above 20x20” Large Size Print & Box-Mount Option would cost £39.95.
But willing to reduce cost accordingly if the customer requires
for the canvas mount to be smaller.
Box frame Printed Canvas


the Lil' Picture Place Manchester Picture Framing and large format print cheaper than your rip-offs!
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