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OMM - Orgone Matrix Material & Resin Craft
Sy Evans, Orgonite, Anturio, OMM, manchester orgonite, Lil' Picture Place, Orgone, crystal Alchemy, Orgonite Power Cones
A fairly new class of materials.
Composed of essentially coarse, medium, to super-fine particles of different metals along with crushed powdered quartz, whole single and double terminated crystal points and various other gemstone minerals - suspended within organic resin.
This simple combination using the above key elements of crystals and metals, all fused together within the polymer resin forms a matrix material of certain metaphysical qualities providing energetic forces and proven positive effects.
For instance, one of these handmade resin pieces - as well as being an interesting and unique decorative object to look at, will also provide the surrounding area in which it's placed with a feeling of balance, calmness and up-lifting energy.

They help mitigate the sometimes damaging, strong electro-magnetic fields emitted from various appliances around the home and at work.
Things like computer monitors, wifi routers, fuse boxes, fridges, TV sets, in fact anything that operates with an electric circuit.

Other elements like hand-wound directionally aligned copper coils and rare earth neodymium magnets can be included if desired, to be set alongside the metal and crystal within the
polyester/epoxy cast.

These elements give the energy a directional 'push' upwards and out of the top of the cone or any other device.

What is OMM?
OMM (Orgone Matrix Material) aka Orgonite is a compound that consists of an inorganic substance (metal) and an organic substance (Polyclear Resin). Fused together with crystal quartz and other semi precious gemstones and minerals so it forms a positive life force energy generator.

It is the fusion of such elements and compression of the hardened resin that squeezes the crystals to a Piezo-Electric state. Thus powering the device for it's specific purposes.
OMM Power Pucks
OMM - Power Pucks.-
Great for the Garden, Slung in a Shrubbery or tossed beneath the decking and hidden from view. It's the rapid change to the Positive and re-balance you really feel whether they're out on dispaly or not!
What is Orgone?
The name 'Orgone' was originally termed by Dr Wilhelm Reich. Orgone Energy is all around us, in the Atmosphere, Plants, and all living beings alike radiate Orgone. It has two very different states of being.
There's Positive Life Force Energy or Positive Orgone Radiation (POR)
and Destructive/Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR).

What the OMM device actually does is attract and re-process' the Orgone in the local atmosphere around it.
Any 'DOR' within reach is simply sucked in, 'dis-armored' and converted into it's positive, life enriching form - 'POR'.
Imagine it as a multi-molecular 'good scrub cleaner' for the atmosphere.
It also can mitigate the harming effects of strong Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) emitted mainly from electrical circuitry.
OMM Orgone Matrix Material The Lil' Picture Place
How does Orgone work?
Apart from many examinations and scientific tests done around the World. That successfully conclude that there IS evidently something more than initially meets the eye. See for yourself by doing your own research through the links (and many others).
the organic substance attracts this orgone energy, while the metal particles repel it. Once pulled in, the energy gets pushed and pulled all around the device creating friction. This friction is strong enough to emit the orgone energy back out of the device in a much more balanced state.
The key is this particular combination of the three ingredients, Metal, Crystals and Resin.
The very combination within the OMM mix when fully left to cure creates a field of energy as a column or vortex is created so that energy flows into the device and bounces back and forth between the resin and 'insulated' metal shavings which then gets re-orgonized by the crystal particles that are suspended within the resin, into clean positive energy.
This is very beneficial to your health and mood.
Everyone can benefit from positive Orgone!
Crystals for OMM
Quartz, Citrine, Blue & Green Agate, Jasper, Amozonite and Aventurine. Ready and waiting to be crushed, powdered and applied to the mix.


All the OMM Devices made at the Lil' Picture Place which are then subsequently sold or gifted have been created with clarity and if anything, nothing but the very best intentions in mind.
Big ribbons of swarf All the different larger metallic elements have been sourced through a friend of mine of whom works as an engineer and metal turning operator at a nearby alloy and metal mill.

The shards and curls known as 'swarf' is then separated into different sizes by sieving.

The much larger coils and metal 'corkscrew-like' springs of razor sharp metal turnings are then put into my 'Swarfomiser'.
The Swarfomiser is an invention of mine. Kind of.. Well something that I came up with in order to 'break-down' larger bits of swarf.

Basically it's like a food blender but made to shred and whisk solid metal.

Load it up, close the heavy duty top cover that has a hole in which is shafted by a hand sharpened industrial cement whisk attached to a high power masonry drill.

With the 'Swarfomiser' all these long, curly sharp springy lengths of swarf can be swiftly converted to granular sizes as it tends to make them shatter them into smithereens when subjected to the high velocity revolving bladed propellers inside this particularly hardcore disintegration device.
It ain't for the faint-hearted, put it that way.

A good few hand-fulls of springy bulky swarf when whipped up to a couple of thousand RPM inside a thick concrete reinforced metal tubular enclosure
(a galvanised metal drain pipe set in concrete). Subsequently reduces the internal metallic bulk into nothing but mixed steel 'hundreds and thousands'.!

Incidentally some interesting observations were made and noted when developing and physically creating this 'full-on' method of 'breaking down' the large, clumsy, curly ribbons of metal. It can be a dangerous procedure if not done right.!
Sy Evans, Orgonite, Anturio, OMM, manchester orgonite, Lil' Picture Place, Orgone, crystal Alchemy, The Swarfomizer Metallic Shredding Machine.

Contact me if anybody reading this wants to build one for themselves and I'll update them with good sensible advice and safety precautions best I can.. ..because it's not really a sensible thing to be doing in the first place. It's a 'don't try this at home kids' type of contraption.

After Swarfomisation is fully achieved the consequential metallic graduals are then properly cleaned in an Acetone Bath to strip away any grease and dirt residues so what goes into the Matrix Material is only what is intended to go in.

As for the fine metal powders and Gold flake used, they have been sourced through trusted UK suppliers who run their retail/wholesale business on line.

Crystals used have been sourced mostly from 'Manchester Minerals'.
A reputable on line supplier of fine gems, minerals and semi precious stones,
which happens to be just down the road from me.

Each and every device/piece contains a small to medium single or double terminated Whole Quartz Point. Not only that but super-fine Quartz powders which before being crushed and ground down have all been cleansed for at least 24 hours or more, by being placed in my specially made rooftop Solar/Lunar Cleansing Tank. (My workshop has a fire exit door of which allows for access to the rooftop of the premises).
In regards to the cleansing, the same can be said about the other additional crystal types used in the making. Some White Snow Quartz used has been hand collected from the riverbed of the Tevi River, in mid Wales.

The Orgone devices that I decide to sell have all been quality checked as in I only sell the ones which are wholesome, as in no chips or cracks and ones which I know to have the optimal amounts of metal and Crystals to function properly. They are also tested using the frozen vortex method of indicating dynamic energy responses.

I can safely say that the standards of the products being sold are of the finest grade.

As I continue to learn more through my on-going research into these devices, my understanding of the subsequent knowledge is then applied to whatever is created from thereon.

Upon receiving any OMM products from the Lil' picture Place, if anybody believes that their expectations of the standards described above have not been met, then I will gladly refund them on condition that the device/s are returned within 14 days.

Variants of Orgone Matrix Material

There are many variants of the above compound. Devices with different combinations and amounts of metal types and various crystals used in the process. The actual shape of the device is held into consideration when creating them and also the intent of the Master Caster of whom creates them.
These factors all affect the potential of the Orgone device as certain combinations of minerals and metals can be used for synergy, more specific resulting energy conversion and essentially more potent energy devices.

Metals and Various Crystals Used in the mix:
There are many different metals and crystal types that can be used in the mix.
Essentially as long as theres some crystal Quartz embedded within resin and metalic
shavings then the device will be effective.

The metals that I have used include
(In no particular order of volume):
Titanium, Brass, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, 24k Gold, Copper, Silver, Chromium, Iron, Bronze, Tin, Nickel, Lead.

Crystals include, whether crushed into a fine powder which turns almost invisible when saturated in resin, or in larger chips and
nuggets of rock:
White snow Quartz, Smoky, Citrine, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Blue/Green Agate, Amazonite, Tiger Eye, Red Garnet, Amethyst, Whole pieces of single and sometimes double terminated clear crystal quartz points.
Sy Evans, Orgonite, Anturio, OMM, manchester orgonite, Lil' Picture Place, Orgone, crystal Alchemy, recent omm by the lil pictureplace
Casting Comprising of Five Power Cones sealed within one unit.

There are however, different ways to achieve a more effective device and increase its potential from certain tactical placement of objects, such as 'double helix copper coils known as 'sbb coils' and other gemstones, symbols, and even powerful neodymium magnets to really maximise the effect.
These cones are known to transmute harmful stagnated energy by firstly attracting it then processing it within the tight organic resin matrix of crystal powders and metal shavings and then releasing healthy balanced positive life force energy as their output.

Various Orgone Experiments Anyone Can Do At Home -
To Check the Power Output of your Device.

A number of different experiments have already been done or are currently in the process of being carried out in regards to the actual output of these devices.

One of the easiest ways of checking the output of your chosen OMM device is the 'frozen vortex' demonstration. Into the freezer simply place the Orgone Matrix Material along with a glass of water sitting right on top of it or even in the freezer rack directly above.

When left to freeze thoroughly over night something quite amazing happens to the water. It becomes 'Orgonized' and forms a type of 'mushroom-cloud' within the core of the ice.
On a nano scale all the Ions have been aligned and the microscopic crystal dimensions have been balanced and inter connected symmetrically into a unique harmonic patterning.

Drinking this water once thawed has proven beneficial results and is widely documented by numerous science groups to be a healthy boost for the body and mind.
Orgone Matrix Material - Power puck Ice Vortex formation. Sy Evans, Orgonite, Anturio, OMM, manchester orgonite, Lil' Picture Place, Orgone, crystal Alchemy, Orgone Matrix Material - Power puck Ice Vortex formation.
Three tumblers of normal tap water placed on top of an Orgone Power Puck and left overnight in the bottom of the freezer. Next day, after a nights freeze.
Three Highly Visible Vortex Column formations with the characteristic 'spikes'.Once thawed and back to liquid form the water is 'charged'' and ready to drink for a healthy Orgone boost!


OMM Orgone Envelope around your home
A great way to provide a Healthy 'Orgone Envelope' - like a protective bubble around a building that you may work at or house and garden that you choose to live in. Above you see them deployed actually stuck solid to each and every one of our perimeter concrete fence posts. Notice not only the pucks but additional Power cone sat on top of the corner posts.
OMM Power Puck
'Power Puck' aka 'Tower-Buster':
Heavy Duty build of Powdered Bronze, Brass,
Stainless Steel BBs, Strands of Nickel, Mild Steel, Key Steel. Powdered Quartz, Citrine, Quartz Point, Black Onyx, Cocoa and Tigers Eye.
Lil' Picture OMM Power Pucks Price Guide.
The cost to purchse a single or numerous quantity of power-pucks can slightly differ from one to another depending on the actual content used within, as various metals and their relative volume can change and also accounting for the many other gemstone minerals that also can be applied to the mix.
Generally though I try and keep the 'Gifting' outdoor varieties liken to the ones seen above to a steady price.
The more you purchase the better the deal too! Here's a price guide to the different variations of the LPP Power Puck:
New Price Page Coming Soon that shows each model and the amount and cost.
Also a selection of muti-buy packages consisting of various sizes and types of OMM devices all sold together as a 'House' Cleansing Package
Orgone “Power-Puck’ made for outdoors Extra High Density Orgone Matrix Material + Additional Dynamic Organic Ingredients.
Quite Similar to the Don Croft original ‘TB or Tower-Buster’.
Basically a round muffin cake shaped chunk of OMM between 75g and 200g in weight that one can fit quite nicely into the palm of their hand.

The Original Tower-Buster devices were invented, created and aptly named by Don and Carol Croft.
They are essentially stripped-down but very effective OMM devices that were created to be deployed near sources of strong electro-magnetic pollution or Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR), namely nuclear power-plants, cell-phone towers and other microwave communication towers, ELF towers and smaller neighbourhood receiver/transmission ‘base stations’ of which all seemingly like to ‘kick-out’ a great deal of ‘DOR’ into the immediate surrounding areas and atmosphere beyond.

These simple OMM devices when tactically placed within the reactive space that these towers occupy would transmute the destructive energy that is being emitted from them and as
Don says would ’flip’ the Orgone polarity so that the Tower was now effectively chugging-out loads of Positive Orgone Energy (POR) insead!
- Still whilst maintaining the legitimate purpose and function of the actual telecommunications towers and allowing the systems to continue doing their communicative tasks uninterrupted as before.

This practice has now become commonly known as ‘Gifting’ or 'Busting' and seems to have an immediate and then continuing positive effect on the surrounding area (and people within) which becomes highly apparent once sufficiently ‘Gifted’.

Orgone ‘Power-Pucks’ can also be employed in and around the living spaces you occupy for effective cleansing purposes and to provide a healthy balanced orgone ‘envelope’, a protective field in which you can choose to live in through carefully selected placement of a small or large number of OMM devices within the vicinity.

For instance, one can create an Orgone envelope by permanently fixing, burying or submerging a ‘string’ or line of Power Pucks in succession around the boundaries of your property.
How many PPs used to do this being determined by the size and expanse of that given area.

One Power Puck being deployed every 5 to 6 feet apart.
Although in regards to larger areas, deployment can be stretched out and by using highly efficient devices.
Each one tactically placed within areas or ‘hotspots’ that have a tendency to amplify the presence and efficiency of the OMM device.

Water is very good at doing this task, also take into account any large mass objects of both organic and inorganic origin for example a massive old Oak Tree or protruding large boulder-rock or if luck may have it, even an original ‘Cairn’. (Man-made pile of rocks and stones once used as familiar landmark association for roaming tribes, herdsmen and modern day hikers and also to guide, steer and interlink the energy grid flow of Ley Lines that ancient folk were indeed much more aware of).

That may even provide an overall enhanced ‘inter-connected’ Orgone energy system.

It has been discovered and generally noted that any soil, earth or bedrock that naturally contains a high quartz content and/or higher than usual amount of metal ore deposits can considerably boost the OMM within it’s range and amplify the given positive life-force attributes and energy cleansing properties
of it immensely.

Orgone Power Cone Type 1
These potent little power-houses maybe slightly plain to gaze at for hours on end but certainly pack a wallop with their high concentration of crystal/metals and additional specially selected ingredients. Chock-a-block to the tip!

Sy Evans, Orgonite, Anturio, OMM, manchester orgonite, Lil' Picture Place, Orgone, crystal AlchemyExtra High Density Orgone Power Cones with
'Additional Dynamic Organic Ingredients'.

These cones are normally ‘whole-cast’ in one sitting.
With between 4 to 12 cones being made respectively along side at the same time - all being cast from roughly the same matrix mix of crystals, organic and non organic materials.
Unlike some of the more ornate and decorative transparent pieces, they appear uniformly textured with the various particles they contain spread-out consistently within the organic resin.

Although far from being ugly they do not display the transparency attributes in the cone tip that reveals the layered metal particles, crushed gemstone crystal and some of the inner elements like the spiral copper coil, xtal or quartz wand placed therein.

However, all of these cones do contain a large xtal or single/double terminated crystal quartz point that is normally housed within the mid to tip, although remains hidden from the eye amongst all the various particles also suspended in the resin.

Some may contain hidden or sometimes surface visible copper coils too.
They also include generous amounts of various powdered crystals and a very high concentration of medium to coarse, fine and superfine particles of metal.
Making them very efficient at energy conversion, their job of being an EHD OMM device.

Some also feature 'Additional Dynamic Ingredients' - certain familiar organic particles namely very small hard and soft wood chips, Wheat, Honey, Rice, Corn-flour, Aromatic Dried Herbs and powdered Superfoods like Licorice, Ginseng, Macca, Aniseed, Kava Kava, Cocoa, Guarana, Wild Lettuce and Syrian Rue.

These additional dynamic ingredients are carefully selected, put into the matrix material so that they complement and ‘program’ the device for different healing and general health purposes.

Each Power-Cones energy dynamically imbued with the particular benefits of the medicinal characteristic properties and/or psychoactive effect of whatever type of herb is placed therein.

Like their more ornate OMM counterparts they can also be put out on display for all to see.
But essentially, with their plain austere and lack of visual features, cones like these are probably more suited to placements where they remain hidden away and outta-sight to do their job.

Places like underneath/behind the bed, table, lounge chair, buried in a house plant pot, amongst undergrowth, submerged in a pond or water tank or even if one has access- tossed under the floorboards of the chosen work or living space that is
being occupied.

View More of the Obsure OMM Devices that I have made over the Summer Months.
Interactive Display Gallery Opens in Fresh Tab Window.
Orgone Power Cone Type 1
Powerful and Gorgeous Deluxe Power Cones. Great on their own even better when 'stacked'!
OMM Orgonite Power Cone Lil' Picture Place Manchester
Sy Evans, Orgonite, Anturio, OMM, manchester orgonite, Lil' Picture Place, Orgone, crystal Alchemy, OMM Orgonite Power Cone Lil' Picture Place Manchester

These seem to be a particular favorite type of OMM device for people.
Essentially because of the transparent attribute in the tip and upper part of the cone.
Revealing the different type and colour of SBB coil placed therein.
Also exposing the Quartz Crystal Point housed inside the coil which in some cases turns almost invisible when saturated in resin and other crystal mineral additions.
Sometimes the base is made with a ‘clear cast’ so that all the tiny bits of swarf and powdered dynamic ingredients are visible.
More often than not though the bases are usually quite dense and contain many different sizes of metallic particles from nano microscopic powdered Silver, Chrome, Gold and Brass to larger turnings of Titanium, Mild and Stainless Steel.

Some contain a small neodymium magnet either in the base among with the swarf matrix or visible in the tip.
Incidentally if one is curious as to whether their cone contains a magnet or not there happens to be a really handy app for the iPhone (and possibly other smart phones) that can detect the presence of a magnet.
Not only that, it identifies which pole is which. The App is simply called ‘Pole Tester’.

Natural colour pigments can also be added to further enhance the look and style. Not to mention finely powdered Quartz which gives the transparent resin a magical ‘sparkle’ effect.

Like with the type 1 Power cones some also contain extra dynamic ingredients like Aromatic Herbs and Incense.

The process for creating this type of Power Cone involves between 2 to 4 ‘casts’. That being the first initial pour where the coil and positive end of the chunky Quartz point are submerged in the ‘Clear-cast’ resin and left to cure.
Sometimes small bits of coloured metal and snipped bits of copper wire are dropped into the cone mold as the tip is curing so that they embed themselves deep within the jellied resin.
Once the tip is cured enough to ‘fix’ the coil and Quartz then a dense resin mixture of swarf and microscopic metallic powders and crushed crystals are poured in to form the base.

After a day or two the cones are removed from the molds and set to cure properly on a rack. Sometimes taken out onto the rooftop to bask in the direct sunlight if the weather permits. Ultra violet light speeds up the curing process.
When the cones are hard enough to handle without causing finger prints they are quickly buffed with a bench grinder to remove any sharp bits of swarf that may be protruding out of the bases.

Then back to the mold for a ‘double-dip’ where a small amount of resin is poured into a clean mold and the cone dunked in and spun around a few times so that all the sides are completely covered with a final layer of resin. This makes for a great finish thats incredibly smooth to touch and also further protects the piece, encapsulating it within.
They are then left to fully cure which can take up to a week before a final buffing and beveling of the base is carried out.

They go great when stacked on top of a power puck as the base of the cone is the same diameter as the top of a puck. They can also work as a single unit and makes an ideal desktop device. Some use them as a paperweight, others have them sitting on top of their Computer Towers or in front of their monitors.

Great for offices and places of study. Equally good placed on the windowsill, mantle, bedside,  dashboard of the car or anywhere they can be viewed and enjoyed.
Also when placed somewhere in the fridge or larder will provide the food with Positive Life Force Energy and really prolong the shelf life of your fresh fruit and vegetables.

Although some are made to resemble one another as in the same or similar contents they are all essentially one of a kind. This is what gives them their individual personality and unique subtle energy.

The more cones placed in the vicinity the better and more efficient the cleansing process as they ‘synergise’ with each other in close proximity.

Stacking with one or more Power Pucks obviously has this effect too.

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