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Google Chrome Web Browser
Award winning, arguably the best browsing experience on the web to date, plus loads of new extras like useful applications, mini games, free web site hosting and remote software programs. All free too!

Free Documentaries Online
No matter how much you bash this one it always seems to suprise you with its seemingly never-ending supply of new and interesting content to discover. Every time you visit!. Hundreds of fantastic Streaming Video Documentaries.
Sorted into all the categories - from conspiracy theories, science and nature to psychology and propaganda countless more.
Neatly rounded up into one big online docu-hub with much of the best documentaries ever made for TV, all freely available to watch whenever you wish and all without any annoying commercial interruptions or subscription fees.
This site well keeps one occupied! - A wealth of fascinating information covering a massive range of topics and genres to suit and interest just about anybody.

Here is the new online shop for my Orgone creations. There's plenty of other vendors selling quality items on there too. I'll be uploading more products very soon.

Woodworkers Workshop- Free Wood-working

A rather fullsome alphabetical collection listing various woodworking build projects.
Vast and varied right across the board! Free project plans to build anything like' garden sheds, saunas, mailboxes, go carts, skateboard ramps, cabinets, bespoke shelving & storage solutions, toys, games and the list goes on.. A good source of inspiration for any craft-person and woodworker!

The finest user friendly bit of kit in the land to download your favoured YouTube vids and save them to disk.

An up-to-date site that features product reviews, free fonts, wallpapers and themes. Plus some great inspiration for the creative individual.

Derelict Places
A site that ‘Documents Decay’. A regional photoblog site that covers any local sites of dereliction or abandoned condemned places of interest. Some fascinating images sent in by ‘abandoneers’ or explorers of derelict, abandoned, decommissioned buildings and places. Loads of old lunatic asylums, spooky hospitals, haunted underground stations and disused military bases.

Another site that ‘Documents Decay’.
A really good Abandoneer photo-blog.
Covering many ruins across Europe.. This guy has got some great shots of his expeditions.

Amps and Bits
Great website for the avid amp enthusiast and speaker builder audiophiles alike! Any electric guitarist or musician! - As it says on the tin, it’s a fantastic place for getting hold of almost anything to do with amps, speaker cabinets and sound pedals.
From replacement grilles, handles or valves to tiny electronic components. All under one roof!

Free Online Sigil generator
Offline for a bit but now back on!!
All you need to create your own Sigils!
It creates powerful personal symbols that are inbued with whatever the intent of the particular worded sentence you input.
The printed outcome may then be put to further use as 'symbolic programming' including it within Meditation Practices, Radionics or OMM devices for fuller effect. Or simply used to inspire, on designing a tailor-made logo for oneself!

Noise Addicts
A very interesting site for those who love discovering and understanding more in the realms of sound. From free ‘Binaural Beat’ downloads to audiophile product comparison tests.

Orgonite Info
Facinating site simply about Orgonite.
The compound that has revealed itself through certain trial, error, experience and experimentation.
Implimenting Quartz Points and sometimes other Crystals, metalic shards, particles and copper coils embedded within epoxy or polyester clear-cast resin.
These devices that can be made by anyone who wishes and have abilities to transform destructive energy emitted by various electrical installations into positive life force. See for yourself!

Vape Gear
A great retail outlet for Vapers. Discounted products and very reasonable priced kits. Get your Battery Mods, E-liquid, Cartos, atomisers and various other bits of Vape Gear and extinguish those foul
nasty Ciggies!

duck duck go
Glasplies - the Oldest Supplier of Clear Cast Resin and other speciality resins in the UK.
Based in Southport - North West England, not only are these people friendly and very helpful but have over 50 years experience in this field. The one stop shop for all your resin needs.!

Puff Mart Stockport Road
For all your top end attys. Vape Gear. Coils.
And Bags of Flavours..!


Lil' Picture Playlist - December 2012. Tracks selected by Sy Evans
Licking mirrors Psychic g shitThe Zest - Shadowcasters out now on cassette

Deviant Art
Community of artists and those devoted to art. Buy, sell or keep amused and inspired by simply viewing the myriad of Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, Photography, Poetry, Prose, Art prints and tons more!

SnackTools online free web tools
Incredibly easy, user-friendly interfaces enabling one to build slick interactive web forms, Flash animation and more. Including a variety of Flash Photo-image Slideshows and Presentations that you can fully customise to taste. Once created - simply copy and paste the generated code into your desired webpage and you have a cool additional slideshow feature all your visitors will enjoy.
Plus theres loads more creation tools for banners, questionaires and more!

Incompetech. Free dowloadable graph paper PDFs. Very handy layout grids for when it comes to designing pretty much anything. Here you will find a big collection of various different types of graph and grid paper.

Interflora Designer Flowers by Rodgers
Flowers for all occasions. Rather nice display trolleys too!
It's handy as the Lil Picture place is located in the same building so if one wishes they can go and choose some flowers for their beloved whilst getting a frame cut!

Printer Maintenance
Printer Maintenance guides with everything anyone could possibly know about inkjets and laser. Lots of helpful topics and walkthroughs on the various mechanical and electrical faults that can arise unexpectedly.

Fantastic Free Photoshop Goodies. A download site featuring  all you need in the way of brush packs, actions, shapes, gradients, texture, fonts and patterns.

Create your own custom T-Shirts, upload an image or design and have it on all kinds of surfaces from ipod cases to mugs and underwear.! Cool selection of different fitting Tee’s and tops to choose from.

ISO Paper Sizing Chart
A reference guide to International Standard (ISO)
Paper Sizes in a handy Chart Sheet.

Transformer Cycles
Check out this for some serious bicycle beefing!
If you like the idea of pedal bikes to get about but can’t be bothered with all the pedalling then you should see this smashing new concept of bolt-on petrol engines for any bmx, mountain bike or lowrider.

Dave Tolan Music Production
A Fantastic Music Producer, Musician and Engineer based in Manchester. He's worked with a wealth of bands and musicians over the years and has the insight and development skills second to none. Serious Bands and Musos can also check out the awesome weekend sound production courses that Dave and Charlatans Producer Jim Spencer run at

Manga Your Face
Easily create and freely download your Avatar from a mix and match selection of classic manga style facial features.
Simple to use with cool results.
Tip: Photoshop users can then even further 'tweek' the downloaded jpeg file, to make it truly unique!

Free Energy

Build your own self powered motor that actually puts out more energy than it needs to run itself. That's right FREE ELECTRICITY! Easy to make step by step guides on creating your own supply of lecky!
Based on the original discoveries and inventions of Nikola Tesla in the early 1900s, this information is continuously suppressed by mainstream media and the government. Hmmm..
From early age everybody is still lead to believe that Free Energy is Scientifically Impossible.
Ever since initially being dis-informed by the school education system about this 'Physical Law Impossibility', I knew there was something not quite right about the the fiercely ABSOLUTE conclusions that were drawn-up and instilled on this matter.
In fact, it used to do my head in that everybody without question would take it as gospel that this was the scenario. To me it simply made no sense whatsoever.
Even long before knowing anything about Nikola Tesla and his findings I visualised and designed a simple self powered dynamo heavy fly-wheel using Neodymium Magnets and a continuous rocker arm and it worked so I was thinking what's everybody on about?
Then the www provided me with the means of obtaining a mountain of research information on free energy. It was quickly understood and realised that
indeed there is, and always has been MANY ways to obtain energy from nothing!

Check out video links about easy to build free energy perpetual magnet based systems on YouTube: Start Here:

Check out this video about magnetic pole shielding. An essential proceedure in creating a free energy motor:

Going onto this one with a flywheel powered by directionally aligned magnets and a monopole magnet:

And here for a Tesla Perpetual Turbine (destop size) kicking out enough energy to power a load of LED lights.

Perpetual Machines have been around for time!

Prt2 -
Varnish application guidelines and helpful hints on achieving a fantastic surface finish.


Free Q Code Generator
A simple Q code Generator for yourself or business.
A dead handy promotional tool. So that others may scan the generated Q code with their smartphone when printed on products or cards, to access more information about you and your particular services.

Free Anagram Maker
Free Internet Anagram Server.
'Here is your chance to discover the wisdom of anagrams.'
Simply type in a word or phrase and hit the generate anagram button to reveal lots of different word and letter rearrangements. More interesting than one would expect.

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