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Manchester -
Hand Painted Original Artwork By Elizabeth Six
MAIN FEATURED ARTIST: Elizabeth Six - Lil' Picture Place' Resident Dot Worker!

Lil' Picture Place' Resident Dot Worker! Hand Painted Dot works
by Manchester Artist Elizabeth Six.

Elizabeth Six - A highly productive creative visual and recording artist. Currently based in Manchester England.

As well as previous involvements in music as a recording artist, vocalist songwriter/lyricist and percussionist.
She also creates colour rich original art works on various given substrate mediums. Also
designs and makes unique hand held percussion instruments, shakers and bongo style drums not to mention numerous other visually captivating mixed media artisan craft works liken 'one-off' intricate decorative and interactive items from patterned psychedelic light boxes to what ever else she chooses to express through physical means.

Elizabeth Six manchester Artist
Hand Painted Dot work by Manchester Artist Elizabeth Six 
This most recent series of intricate detail pieces is entitled 'Wheels and Wonky Boxes'
All Images Captured by Sy Evans

Hand painted artwork on mixed substrate.
Somewhat abstract yet displaying swirls of intricate patterns, inter-connected with form and beauty of motion.
Each piece is created by layering arrangements of tiny colored dots of high opacity acrylic paint, some with pearlescent, metallic or shimmering properties.
Each piece painstakingly made up of hundreds if not thousands of tiny blots of paint, some smaller than a fleck of dust.
Then a thick layer of clear resin poured over the piece on interval which fixes the dots creating a margin of depth in relation to the next layer of dots which are interactively stacked on the layers in succession, being sandwiched together creating rich textured patterns and an ultra glossy surface finish, a fantastic sense of depth and highly saturated colour contrast.
Check more of here work at:
Elizabeth Six Hand Painted Artwork on Deviant Art


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