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Photographic image Restoration, Duplication, Enhance and mastering.
Photo restoration
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What can we really do for your Picture??

Photographic Repair and Adjustment Services

Insubstantial lighting, incorrect choice of film or camera settings when capturing a subject can all be factors which ultimately affect the outcome of your printed image.

Working from either Digitally captured photographs - to taking much older formats like damaged negatives and faded physical Paper print media - The Lil' Picture Place can work wonders in restoring any given images to colour and contrast perfection.

Lil’ Picture Place Advanced Restoration.
Our services here border on miraculous as we can also restore badly damaged photographs, even to the extent of rebuilding large areas of the photos through re-capturing specialist techniques.

All repairs carried out are seamless with the mastered image looking as authentic and true to life as the original intention.

5 Whole Images -
Photo-renovation Over-haul.
Enhance (Sharpen/Soften) - Tonal Contrast and Colour Correction, Adjustments to Exposure. Red-eye correction/removal.
Removal of dust spots and minor moisture pitting.
Alignment, cropping & straightening of visual composition.
Colour to b/w or sepia.
Typical Service Charge -
Restoration Generally done in Batches of 5 Physical Paper Photographs Starting From £8 - b/w - £11 - colour

Repairs to prints with a large amount of damage.
Scratches or severe stains in background and subject areas.
Rebuilding torn or partially defaced photographs.
Removal of objects in background and gap retouch.

£ 14.99 - b/w or sepia tone - £ 16.99 - Colour

Major restoration needed in all or most of the image. Photographic image reconstruction. - £25+

Lil' Picture Place Photo restoration services

Working from Digital Pics, Scans of Old or Damaged Negatives or Print to achieve amazing results in Photographic Reconstruction.

Specialist treatments are also provided like Digital Hand-Painted Colourisation of B&W
and Monotone Images.

Photo restoration Example Lil Picture Place
Re-evaluate Exposure Levels:
As in image too light or too dark.

Remove or Add Blur / Sharpen or Soften Edges:
Make subject matter stand out
with more prominence

Correct Colour Temperature, Tonal Balance:
Tweeking Vibrance, Saturation & Contrast levels
to Optical Perfection.

Removal of Irritating 'spoilers' or Undesirable Objects: That taint or ruin what otherwise would be a wonderful shot.

Re-composite and Cropping of Particular Areas:
Closer image re-capture and resizing to fit a given frame.
Complete and Partial Photographic Re-build.
Intuitively re-creating what was once there. Using imagination and skilled digital hand-painting methods to achieve the impossible.
Adding one or more subtle or extreme special effect filters to create different mastered texture and atmospheric conditions.
For example turning a photograph into
an authentic looking oil painting. Which then can be printed onto high quality canvas.
Colour Print Conversion to Various
Sepia Tones or Black & White

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Photographic Image Specialist Services -

Nelrose Building - Princess Road, West Didsbury/Chorlton. Manchester, M20 2LT
e: Lil'Picture Place Mobile Number : 07881047177
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