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All the OMM Devices made at the Lil' Picture Place which are then subsequently sold or gifted have been created with clarity and if anything, nothing but the very best intentions in mind.

When creating things like garden Power Pucks I try and keep the internal ingredients as consistent as possible per batch. Although the very nature of my OMM products is that they are all slightly differ from one another in their actual contents, the ingredients used in the casting and so on.

All the different larger metallic elements have been sourced through a friend of mine of whom works as an engineer and metal turning operator at a nearby alloy and metal mill. The shards or 'swarf' is then separated into different sizes by sieving and properly cleaned in an Acetone Bath to strip any grease, dust and dirt away and so what goes into the Matrix Material is only what is intended to go in.
As for the fine metal powders and Gold flake used, they have been sourced through trusted UK suppliers who run their retail/wholesale business on line.

Crystals used have been sourced mostly from 'Manchester Minerals'. A reputable on line and walk-in shop supplier of fine gems, minerals and semi precious stones, which happens to be just down the road from me.

Each and every device/piece contains a small to medium single or double terminated Whole Quartz Point. Not only that but super-fine Quartz powders which before being crushed and ground down have all been cleansed for at least 12 hours, by being placed in my specially made rooftop Solar/Lunar Cleansing Tank. (My workshop has a fire exit door of which opens directly onto and allows for access to the rooftop of the premises.)
In regards to the cleansing, the same can be said about the other additional crystal types used in the making.
Some White Snow Quartz used has been hand collected from the riverbed of the Tevi River, in mid Wales.

The Orgone devices that I decide to sell have all been quality checked as in I only sell the ones which are wholesome, IE no chips or cracks and ones which I know to have the optimal amounts of metal and Crystals to function properly. They are also tested using the frozen vortex method of indicating dynamic energy responses.
I can safely say that the standards of the products being sold are of the finest grade.
As I continue to learn more through my on-going research into these devices, my understanding of the subsequent knowledge is then applied to whatever is created from thereon.

Upon receiving any OMM products from the Lil' picture Place, if anybody believes that their expectations of the standards described above have not been met, then I will gladly refund them on condition that the device/s are returned within 14 days.
Full Price Guide here soon.
Page still under construction.

Power Puck Deluxe OMM Power Puck - aka 'Tower-Busters'.

Visible Coil-top & 'Double-dipped' for extra smooth and sealed finish.

Base - 6.5cm
Depth - 3.5cm
Top - 4.5cm

From £4.50 each

Power Cone Deluxe OMM 'Power Cone' - aka 'Mini HHG'

Clear - Visible Coil, Crystal and Metallic Inners.
Double Dipped for smoothness and fine finish.

Base - 4.5cm
Height - 7cm

around £7.50 each

Power Puck High Density

Extra High Density OMM 'Power-Puck'

Extra High density, With Powdered Brass, Stainless Steel BBs,

Base - 6.5cm
Depth - 3.5cm
Top - 4.5cm

From £3.50 each



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